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Text "I'm ready" or "Im ready" shipping to: 225-933-7414

Message me on Facebook @gettinghealthyholly

You will recieve a text or message back with general program information and a link to a Sensible Portions video for you to watch that explains the program.  That link is available from 9:00am-9:00pm each day.  

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You may text, Facebook message, or email me your order information or you may fill out the form on this page.  If you have concerns about texting or messaging your credit card information simply send everything else and I will be happy to take your card number over the phone.  

Getting Healthy with Holly
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*Please note, I am not always able to answer your calls during the day becasue I am often in with my speech therapy clients, but I will reply to your text or return your call as soon
as possible